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This site is used to obtain an access permit for authorized areas of the following Sonoran desert lands in southwestern Arizona:


  • Barry M. Goldwater Range - East public areas:  Area B, Bender Springs, and the Ajo Air Station 
  • Barry M. Goldwater Range - West public areas
  • Area A of the Sonoran Desert National Monument
  • Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge

Please download the rules and maps for the area(s) you plan to visit from the PDF Rules and Areas Maps tab above.

The Barry M. Goldwater Range is the third largest military reservation in the United States. Since its establishment in 1941, the Goldwater Range has served continuously as a tactical air combat training center. The restricted airspace that defines the Goldwater Range covers about 2.7 million acres and contains 57,000 cubic miles of airspace. This airspace extends over most of Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, but no ground-based military activities occur there.

Permits are required by guests of these areas to facilitate public awareness and safety, prevent interference with military training and protect the desert environment. The interactive map depicts real-time information for areas of the BMGR-East and BMGR-West that are open or closed due to military operations, as well as the available recreation areas of the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge and Area A of the Sonoran Desert National Monument.

All permitted areas may present hazards associated with history miltary use and the harsh environment of the Sonoran desert.  Visitors are responsible for their own safety when recreating in these areas.  Place a copy of your permit on the vehicle dashboard and carry a copy on your person at all times when recreating on the BMGR-East, BMGR-West, CPNWR and Area A of the SDNM.  Know and follow the rules of the areas you visit.


The Air Force and Arizona Bureau of Land Management require visitors to view a safety video prior to receiving a permit to visit the following BMGR-E public access areas:  Area B, Bender Springs, and Ajo Air Station; and the SDNM Area A.  This All Areas permit is also good for BMGR-West and CPNWR.

The safety video is not required for the BMGR-W and CPNWR-ONLY permit.

PLEASE REVIEW THE RULES AND MAPS for the areas you plan to visit at the "PDF Rules And Maps" link above.  Paper copies of maps can be picked up for free at the Cabeza Prieta NWR office in Ajo during normal business hours, or at MCAS Yuma main gate, or at the Gila Bend AFAF gate.

The Sikes Act, 16 U.S.C. 670a, requires the Secretary of Defense to carry out a program consistent with the purpose of military installations to provide for the conservation and rehabilitation of natural resources on military installations and, while ensuring safety requirements are met, to provide for public access to military installations for the multipurpose enjoyment of natural resources including hunting, fishing, trapping, and non-consumptive uses, such as camping, bird watching, and other recreational activities.